Silvester 2018

Silvesterbuffet 31.12.2017 im Asiahouse Restaurant - CH - 7320 Sargans

Silvesterbuffet 2017

The Asiahouse Team appreciate you at
December the 31. of 2017 from 18:00h to the Silvesterbuffet.


At 31. December we have normal open, please reserve here :

Silvestermenu 2018
Silvestermenu 2018


At Sunday the 31. Dec. 2017 we have normal openings.


Also our Deliveryservice is open at the 31. December 2017 til the 01. January at 01:00h.


Oeffungszeiten Feiertage 2018/2019

Unser Oeffungszeiten über die Feiertage 2018/2019


Am 24. Dezember 2018 haben wir von 09:00-14:00h geöffnet

Am 25. und 26. Dezember haben wir geschlossen.

Am 27. Dezmeber haben wir von 12:00h-00:00h geöffnet


Im Neujahr

Ab Mi.  02. Januar 2019 haben wir wieder normale Oeffungszeiten.


Wir wünschen allen unsere treuen Gästen erholsame Festtage und ein erfolgreiches neues jahr 2019

asiatisch essen- Asiahouse Restaurant - Sargans

Holiday Buffet – ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT – nur im August 2018

For all – Holiday Buffet only in August 2018, min. 5Pers.

Monday. Wednesday and Thursday CHF 15.00 / Friday til Sunday CHF 22.00 – from 17:30h

Holiday Buffet
Holiday Buffet


Also our Home Delivers Service und are normal openings.

GST - Binfo GmbH - Charity Project "Feeding Children" Asiahouse Restaurant - CH - 7320 Sargans

GST – Binfo GmbH – Charity Project “Feeding Children”




We can create a world in which no child should go hungry!


Food for children – “Feeding Children” is a project with the support of GST – were launched Binfo GmbH and local sites in the Philippines in Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City again.


With a donation of CHF 50 can 25 children every week take a warm meal.


We can donate where we want for asylum seekers, refugees or war or for the reconstruction of a devastated country. All these benefit recipients can express or organizations themselves. The most vulnerable, our children can not do this!


Where the proceeds donated money go?

In most organizations seeps very much money in the Administration. Our administration is built on a voluntary unpaid staff.

The Locals are in daily contact with GST – Binfo GmbH


If you participate with a partnership with us on the project, this is a direct assistance suburb which also can be checked at any time. The goal is the needs of children, by giving them a warm meal per week to breastfeed. Our long-term goal is to spread this idea around the world in communities and to fulfill the establishment of long-term solutions for clean water, health care and education.



more Infos on or

Join us now!

GST Global Swiss-Team

Sunday Dec. the 31rd 2017 we have normal openings. Reservation or Home Delivery is open til Jan. the first at 01:00h am.