Telcos Switzerland - the Phonenumber from Asiahouse Restaurant in Sargans

We can be reached despite Sunrise and Swisscom

Unfortunately, not yet managed the Swiss telecoms , our Fixnet number +41 81 81 7237277 , the number transfer application was posted on 29 July ! After countless phone calls with service staff of the two ” big ” Telcos Sunrise and Swisscom , I stopped counting after 15 calls that today state is such that the number if it will work from 1 October 2016, thanks the Telco gods.

In the meanwhile, we are reachable in the Asiahouse Restaurant , Städtchenstrasse 27 in CH – 7320 Sargans via mobile +41 76 3989301 , or via email or facebook If we could we would immediately by changing the telephone service provider.